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BenefitSource Insurance Services, Inc.

28 Argonaut, Suite 100
Aliso Viejo, CA 85254


"Benefit source has been protecting my home, business, and family for years."

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Here's what our customers say about us...

"For me, I wanted the best coverage for a good price. Benefit Source understands that having the cheapest insurance isn't necessarily the best when you need to actually use it." – Peter J.

"What can say about BenefitSource? A lot!! I have known both the owner (Chad) and my insurance agent, Sully, for 0ver 10 years now. How often does an insurance company call you PROACTIVELY to save you money? They have such tremendous knowledge of the entire industry in a way that a direct insurer can never have." – Emil Y.

"Benefitsource insurance is the best company I have had to insure all my vehicles and my new vacation rental. My agent... is a professional when it comes to his job. He always is available to answer my questions and when I got in a car accident he turned a bad situation into a great one and got my insurance check in less than 48hrs. Also he fine tunes all of my policies to what I exactly need. Such a good feeling to get great service and a affordable payment options for premiums. Thank you for protecting all my investments.– Andrew G.

Some more of our happy customers...

"My wife and I have been with BenefitSource Insurance for about a year and could not be happier." – Kyle S.

"I would highly recommend BenefitSource...actually, I have to my friends and family. All of us are very happy with the service they have provided. Everyone that I have talked to (from the receptionist to Kelly to Chad Spaide) is so friendly. The brokers are very knowledgeable. Whether I call or email, my questions are always immediately answered. – Elena S.