Personal Coverage

Protecting your family demands having the right plan in place. Let us help determine what type of coverage fits your individual needs and lifestyle.

Auto Insurance

The law requires auto insurance, but that’s not the most important reason to have it. Let one of our specialists help you find the right coverage for your car and driving habits, and make sure you’re fully protected on the road.

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Home Insurance

Your assets and style of living are unique to you. In order to be effective, a Homeowner’s Insurance policy must be tailored to your individual needs. All Homeowner’s Insurance policies, regardless of the insurance company, offer over a dozen “endorsements” or coverage options that could make all the difference in how well your policy performs when you need it most.

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Condo Insurance

Insuring a condominium is very different from insuring a single-family dwelling. A Condo Insurance policy works with the Associations master property policy, and you must know where your responsibilities begin and end. Our insurance experts understand Condo Insurance and can help you put the right policy in place.

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Rental Property

A Rental Property Insurance policy will protect your investment property, as well as your rental income, if there is a covered loss. Whether you own one rental property or several, creating the right Rental Property Insurance policy plays an important role in your ability to repair damages or rebuild the property in order to maintain rental revenue.

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RV & Motor Homes

An RV is your home when you’re away from home. Therefore, when choosing an RV Insurance policy, you’ll want to consider coverage that protects you and your guests while traveling. You also want to make sure you have coverage that protects your vehicle when it is parked or stored.

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Motorcycle Insurance

Your motorcycle is one of your most prized possessions and it deserves special protection. There are many discounts available that you may not know about. For example: if you’ve taken safety classes, or garage your motorcycle when it’s not in use, there are discounts for that. You may save more than you expected on your Motorcycle Insurance coverage, while protecting yourself, your passengers, and your investment.

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Classic Car Insurance

Your classic isn’t just a car; it’s a part of your life. Your classic car is more than just a way to get around; it’s an investment – one that you have put hours of sweat and tears into. It’s also an investment that will continue to grow as the years pass by. Make sure it’s protected.

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Life Insurance

You want to be able to protect your family in case something was to happen to you. As a key component of a sound financial plan, life insurance provides money your family would need to replace lost income, and pay mortgages, education expenses, income taxes, and other outstanding debts and obligations.

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Health Insurance

With health care costs rising at astronomical rates, no one can afford to be without health insurance. Unfortunately, many people choose coverage based on price alone, which often results in more out-of-pocket spending in the long run. It’s important to select insurance that provides the right balance of affordability and comprehensive coverage.

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To really feel secure in protecting your assets and your future, consider the extra level of protection provided by Umbrella Insurance. A Personal Liability Umbrella Insurance policy provides an additional layer of liability protection above the liability coverage provided in your primary insurance policies. If the liability coverage limits are exhausted on your auto, home, or other insurance polices, your Umbrella insurance policy takes over and provides you with additional coverage. Best of all, the cost is minimal, and you have additional coverage in place in case the unexpected happens.

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Whether you own a jet ski, small ski boat, fishing boat, or yacht, having comprehensive coverage will give you the peace of mind to relax and enjoy your time on the water.

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