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Condo Insurance in California

Insuring a condominium is very different from insuring a single-family dwelling, but it is just as important! The biggest difference is in knowing where your responsibilities begin and end. Very few people fully understand what their Condo Association's Master Property Policy covers. However, the insurance professionals at BenefitSource will provide you with the guidance needed to be fully protected.

Condominium insurance is unique - it covers your personal property, liability, and those parts of the unit that are your responsibility. It may also be written to protect you from certain assessments levied by the condo association or to cover costs if you must vacate your home.

Determining Your Condo Insurance Coverage Needs

Your condo association has a master policy to cover the building and common areas. In choosing your condo policy, you should consider which areas of the building you own, your personal belongings, any safety systems you have in place, and any improvements you may have made to your unit.

Our insurance professionals will help you determine:

  • Which areas of the structure are your responsibility
  • Interior features and other elements that are not covered by the master policy
  • Any additional coverage options that may complete your policy
  • What discounts are available when combining all of your coverage with one carrier
  • Any special discounts available for your particular policy

Ask Your Insurance Professional

Your BenefitSource Insurance Professional will help you find the right condo insurance coverage for your specific needs.

Be Insurance minded. Contact BenefitSource today and we'll shop the top insurance carriers to assemble a policy with the right amount of coverage for the price you deserve.

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