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Commercial Umbreall Insurance in California

Commercial Umbrella Insurance protects your business from the unexpected to ensure your forward progression. One of our Business Insurance Specialists will evaluate your business and determine the level of umbrella coverage that is necessary to protect your business.

Imagine if one of your drivers seriously injured a pedestrian or if a defect in a product you sell resulted in injuries to several people. Your business could be found liable, and the damages could soar into the millions. Once the liability coverage from your commercial property or commercial auto policies reaches its limits, you could be held personally liable for the difference if you don't have commercial umbrella coverage.

Determining Your Commercial Umbrella Insurance Needs

Commercial umbrella insurance provides an invaluable second layer of protection for your business above your primary liability coverage. The protection usually starts at a $1 million, and it can mean the difference between "we're open" and "out of business."

Let the professionals at BenefitSource analyze your business risk to help you choose the right amount of coverage for you.

Ask Your Insurance Professional

Your BenefitSource Insurance Professional will help you find the right commercial umbrella insurance coverage for your specific needs.

Be Insurance minded. Contact BenefitSource today and we'll shop the top insurance carriers to assemble a policy with the right amount of coverage for the price you deserve.

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