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Classic Car Insurance in California

Your classic car isn't just a vehicle; it's become a part of your life. Your classic car is more than just a way to get around. You have invested your time, your money, and your emotion into it. It is also an investment that will continue to appreciate as the years pass.

Classic cars include: Antiques, Classics, Modified Collector, Reproductions, Replicas, and Restoration vehicles. Vehicles must be at least 10 years of age and considered a vehicle that will appreciate in value.

Determining Your Classic Car Coverage Needs

Not all collectable cars are used in the same way, and therefore, each classic car insurance policy needs to be specifically tailored to your needs.

Here are some terms to help you understand your classic car coverage options:

  • Restricted Use - you drive your collector car about 2,500 annual miles or less. This program is for individuals that have other daily use vehicles, but like to drive their collector car on weekend tours, leisurely trips, and to special events. Classic car insurance rates are much lower to reflect the vehicle's limited use.
  • Regular Use - you drive your collector car daily, and you may or may not have other regular use vehicles.
  • Agreed Value - you establish an agreed upon value for your classic car when you purchase the policy, which means you're covered for the insured value (less your deductible) in the event of a total loss.
  • Deductible Options - you have a choice of selecting higher deductibles to save money on your premium.
  • Winter Storage - you can reduce your coverage to "comprehensive only" if you store (not drive) your vehicle during the winter months.
  • Garaging - your collector car must be stored in a fully enclosed, locking garage.
  • Collections - insure your entire collection, whether it's one car or ten.
  • One Policy - you can mix your daily use autos with your collector cars on the same policy and still get all of the classic car insurance coverage or split them up. It's your choice.

Ask Your Insurance Professional

Your BenefitSource Insurance Professional will help you find the right classic car insurance coverage for your specific needs.

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