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Business Income in California

If your business property is destroyed, your income goes down with it. A business shutdown injures a business in three ways. First, the business struggles to finance their ongoing expenses and the cost of rebuilding during the shutdown. Secondly, the business's customers are forced to take their business to a competitor. Thirdly, employees are often forced to find new jobs, becoming unable to return to the business when it reopens.

Many people don't realize that when business property is lost, it typically takes six months to a year for small businesses to return to previous income and production levels. Can you afford to go that long without income?

Determining Your Business Income Insurance Needs

There are many factors for determining the amount of coverage that is right for your business, including:

  • Ongoing Expenses - the bills that will need to be paid during the shut down
  • Employee Wages - the compensation you provide to your employees while the business is closed
  • Owner Expenses - the income owners and investors require

Ask Your Insurance Professional

Your BenefitSource Insurance Professional will help you find the right business income insurance coverage for your specific needs.

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